Understanding your role in Genius

Each user in Genius is associated with a role. User capabilities are determined by the assigned role. In this lesson, you will learn about the permissions associated with your specific role.

  • Institutional Admin - Provides oversight of the students experiences with the program and provides feedback to the student and family on all program related functions. The Institutional Admin plays a crucial role for the program as they examine and analyze the student's needs from both an academic and personal perspective. 
  • Advisor -Maintains communications with the online instructors and responds to requests for information. Monitors student performance across all subjects; helps the student with pacing, testing and scheduling. 
  • Advisor Specific Students - This role is used by districts for students with an IEP, or schools who have a large number of students to track. They have the same permissions as an advisor. 
  • Advisor Read Only - This role is used by schools who may have students with an aid or someone who you want to track progress of but not necessarily have the ability to add or drop a course. This role can run reports and communicate with the student via email. But they cannot enroll or drop a student from a course.  
  • Teacher - This role serves as the primary instructor for the course. In this role you are responsible for grading quizzes and tests. Communicating to students feedback on work as well as progress is also an important component to this role.
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