Setting Up A Teams Meeting for External Users

This document will cover how to setup a Teams meeting for users outside of the domain.


Creating the Teams Meeting

Launch Teams and select the Calendar App on the left side of the screen.


Click the Arrow next to New Meeting and select Schedule Meeting


Fill in the details & time frame of your Teams meeting.  Click Add Required Attendees and enter the e-mail addresses of the users that need to attend the meeting.




Once you are done, click Save in the top right corner. This will, add it to your calendar, and send an invite to the user via email.


External Users Joining the Meeting

Once you have created the meeting. The user will receive an email that looks like this. They then must click on the “click here to join the meeting” button. This will open a new tab in their browser.


The user must then click on the middle option “continue on this browser”


If a security prompt pops up, the user must click Allow to continue to the meeting.


The user can enter their name in the box and click Join Now to enter the meeting.


The user will be sent to a waiting room.


The teacher must then start the meeting. Do this by going back to the Microsoft team’s calendar. Then click join, to the right of the meeting you have created.


This will then pop up a window. Click on computer audio, and click join. Then you will be in the meeting.  


The user that are there before you, will be put into a waiting room until they are granted access to join the meeting.  This can be done, by clicking admit


NOTE: If the meeting has already started, and a user tries to join afterwards, you will get a notification. Click this notification, and it will bring up a participant’s menu. To allow the user in, click the green checkmark.



If you need assistance please contact the CAIU Help Desk at 717-732-8403, option 1 or at




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