Adding Live Captions to Zoom

Step 1
Open the Zoom app and go to the Settings icon in the upper right corner

Step 2 
Select more settings at the bottom

Step 3
Access "In Meeting (Advanced)" options on the left hand side

Step 4
Activate Live Transcription under the Closed Caption Setting and select Save.

You may now close out of the Zoom Settings web page.  The above steps will only need to be done once and will stay active.  The following you will have to do during any zoom call for which you want Captioning enabled.

Final Steps
When in your zoom call, if you wish to enable Closed Captions to be used and shared with all others on the call, click the Live Transcript tab and select Enable Auto-Transcript

If you have any problems, feel free to reach out to the CAIU Helpdesk via 

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