How to back up your files to the H: drive

Open the File Explorer (folder icon on your taskbar)

Click This PC on the left

Double Click Windows (C:)

Double Click Users

Double Click on your folder with your name on it to open

Holding the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard, click Contacts,Desktop, Favorites, and My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, and My Videos  (you can back other folders up, but these are the main ones)

Right click on these folders and select "Copy"

Right click the H drive on the left ( username (\\caiu-fs01\Home$) )

Click "Open in new window"

Right click anywhere

Left Click "New"

Left Click "Folder"

Rename (ex: backup 4-26-2011)

Double Click the folder to open

Right click, then select "Paste"


*If you have any other backups delete your oldest backup

*If you don’t see your H: drive listed, please call the helpdesk at x8403, option 1 and we’ll help you get it mapped.

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