Stuck on Loading/Processing when Saving Changes

When attempting to restart PowerSchool on the Server that runs the Application Message Service (normally the Task Master) PowerSchool will not start and the PSJ tab in the Monitor will get stuck and look like this:

PowerSchool is attempting to connect to the Application Message Service... 
SysLog PowerSchool 
CCFW Initializing 
CCFW Initialization complete; using IPPack 
JAVA DALX version development build 
MWCP Margin for error in between SIS-Core and DALX_Server Timing is 1 
PowerSchool successfully connected to the Application Message Service.  

NOTE: The Filter setting in the PSJ tab of the Monitor must be set to PSLog, not ALL

1. Browse to the following location:   <drive>:\Program Files\PowerSchool\data\jms\kahadb
2. Righ-click the 'kahadb' folder, choose Properties and notice the Size will be 1.03GB

1. Stop the PowerSchool, ReportWorks & Message Service
2. Delete the contents of the ‘kahadb’ folder leaving the folder itself intact
3. Start the Message Service, PowerSchool & ReportWorks Services
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