Creating your CAIU Zendesk user account

How to create a user account in Zendesk

Please fill out the following fields:

Full name

E-mail address (Please use your e-mail address)

Verify the text in the picture

Click on “Sign Up”

*Note:  if you have already submitted a ticket to your account is automatically created.  Please read our “How to access your account” article to see our sign in procedure.

Your account is then created and you will be taken to a confirmation page.

A welcome message will be sent to your e-mail account.


Click the link listed in the body of the e-mail to setup your Zendesk password.


Please create a password of at least 5 characters

Then click the “Verify my e-mail address” button to complete your registration

You will be automatically sent to the CAIU Zendesk home page.

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