Setup a Conference Call

To Setup a Conference Call:

First, contact the Help Desk with the following information:

  • Date & time of conference call
  • Duration of conference call
  • Number of participants

After the call is setup by the Help Desk, you will be sent a Meeting ID for the conference call.


To Initiate the Call

  1. For calling in from IU15 to the phone conference, first dial #-624-6610 from the conference phone (Note # from Cisco phone or 3 from 3 COM phone, Area code is 717 if dialing from a cell phone)
  2. Enter your meeting ID followed by #
  3. Say your name followed by #
  4. The bridge will announce each name as they join the conference
  5. When the conference is over, please hang up and the conference will end once all attendees have hung up.
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