"All guiding questions must be answered (Yes or No). At least one "No" answer is required."

IN ORDER TO PASS THIS CHECK: There need to be answers for the guiding questions, with the answer to at least one of them being "No".  Click on the link below the issue to go that section. 

For each question to have a "No" answer, at least one of the boxes need to be unchecked. If they are all checked, the answer to the question will be "Yes". For each question, click on "Answer" and put checkmarks by the boxes that best answer that question. There is a box at the bottom where you will need to compose a narrative to support your answers (for the questions that you answered "Yes" to). Click "Save" when finished with each question.

Priority schools have to write an entire ACTION Plan for all questions with a NO response and Focus schools have to write an entire ACTION Plan for at least two questions with a NO response.

Once that is finished, this section will pass the issues check.

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