"At least one Systemic Challenge must be 'included' in the Action Plan. All 'included' challenges must have at least one Indicator of Effectiveness."

IN ORDER TO PASS THIS CHECK: There needs to be systemic challenges identified.

Click on the link below the issue to go that section. On this page, it takes the guiding questions that you answered "no" to, from the "Guiding Questions" page and turns them into Systemic Challenges. You can use ones that are already listed there, or make a new one. Each one that is on this page needs to have concerns aligned to it. Before concerns can be aligned, strategies need to be implemented.

To Implement Strategies:

Click on "Include" 

Under "Additional Systemic Challenges that are addressed by this goal", check all of the boxes that apply.

Under "Indicators of Effectiveness", choose a type (annual or interim), and fill out the two fields below that, then click "Include" at the top. (if you have another indicator you would like to include, then click "New Indicator" and repeat these steps again.)

Once they are all concerned, they turn into action plans, which need to have strategies aligned to them.

Click on "Build" and then click "Create/Import a Strategy"

Add a title to it, and a description, and then check the corresponding boxes below to select the SAS elements as to which the strategy applies.

Then click "Create", and then click "Back to View All Action Plans".

Repeat the process with the other action plans that you have.

Once that is finished, this section will pass the issues check.

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