"Each goal in the action plan must have at least one strategy and one action step."

IN ORDER TO PASS THIS CHECK: Each action plan has to have at least one strategy associated to it, and one action step.

To have a strategy added to an action plan, please refer to this document:

To add an action step, you can either create/import one, or align existing implementation steps that are already in the Comprehensive Planning Application.

To create/import an Implementation step:

Click on the "Create/Import an Implementation Step" button and fill out all required and applicable fields, then click "Save" at the top.

To Align Existing Implementation Steps:

Click on the "Align Existing Implementation Steps" link, and put checkmarks by the steps that apply to your plan.

Once those Implementation steps are added, they need to have strategies. Click on "Modify" below the first step that was added, and put checkmarks by the strategies  that align with that implementation step.

Once done, click on "Back to All Action Plans" at the top.

Once that is finished, this section will pass the issues check.








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