Directons to SCAN to PDF at PPi

Directions to SCAN to PDF at PPi

*NOTES: you MUST be hardwired into the PPi network to be able to retrieve documents using this method. This means, you must disconnect from any VPN client application or any miscellaneous wireless network (Hotspot, etc) for this to work.


To SCAN the document:

Place document that you want to scan face down on the glass in the copier/printer.

Hit the “Scanner” button on the left hand side of the display screen

Tap the “Store File” button at the top of the display screen

Tap the “Store to HDD” button and select OK

Hit the green “Start” button on the printer to begin the scan process.


To RETRIEVE the scanned document:

 Open your web browser and enter the following URL into the address bar:

On the left hand side of the page, find the “Print Job/Stored File” button and choose “Document Server”

On the next page, you’ll see a list of documents that you’ve recently scanned, to which you can click on the links labeled “PDF” associated with each document to download/save the scan as an electronic document that can be attached to an e-mail, saved to a thumbdrive, uploaded to a website, etc..


Please e-mail or call us at 717-732-8403 for further assistance. Thanks

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