How to add a member

1. To add a member, Select the Members tab

2. Select the <New Member> button to create a new member.

3. After clicking the <New Member> button the “Add a New Member” page will display.

4. Enter first and last name and the email address of the new member.  The title, general information and greeting are all optional.

5. Assign the user role to the member. The User Role is defaulted to Member upon initial account setup.


6. Assign access to any existing groups by checking the appropriate groups.

7. When all the details and permissions have been added for the member, the administrator can create the new member account by clicking on the <Add and Send an Invitation> button.

8. The member will receive an email with their username, password and link to the site as soon as the <Add and Send an Invitation> button is clicked. The email will come from


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