How to edit a member

1. To edit a member, first access the “Members” page and then locate the specific member that needs to be modified. Click the <Edit> link located in the ‘Actions’ column.

2. The “Edit Member” page will display to allow administrators to edit the details of the members’ account such as email, title, resetting a password or de-activating the member account.

3. When all the details and permissions have been modified for the member, the administrator can save the changes by clicking on the <Update Member> button.

Optionally, if you would like to remove a user from a group, access the Group Management tab.

1. Select the group where the member belongs.

2. In the ‘Group Members’ section of the Group screen, select the member that needs removed from the group.

3. Un-select the check box of the group member.

4. Click the <Save> button to save the deletion.


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