How to build the new agenda

After clicking the <Add Agenda> button, the screen will refresh to display the newly created agenda under the meeting name on the right side of the page. On the left side of the page, the agenda name and buttons to build the agenda are displayed.

There are two options to build an agenda. Selecting the <New Item> button or use of the <Q> Quick button.

Option A- Utilizing the + New Item button

1. Select the <+New Item> button

2. Enter the ‘Name’ (or Title) for the Agenda Item.

3. Enter any applicable description for the agenda item.

4. Check if the agenda item should be marked as private. If selected, the agenda item will not display to the general public.

5. Check enable voting if the agenda item will be an item that members of the group will be voting on.

6. Select any files that may need to accompany the agenda item.

7. Select <Add New Item> to add the item to the agenda.

8. Continue adding additional items until the agenda is built.

Option B- Utilizing the Quick add button

1.  Select the <Q >(Quick add) button.

2. Enter Item title in the text box.

3. Select the + symbol.

4. Continue adding additional items until the agenda is built.


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