How to add agenda sub-items

Agenda Sub-items work in a similar manner to agenda items. However, the sub-item will display below the original item.

1. After adding an item, there will be a button for a new sub-item.

2. Click the <+ Sub-Item> Button or the ‘Q’ add button directly below the appropriate Agenda Item to add a sub-item.

3. Enter the sub-item name.

4. Enter any applicable description for the agenda sub-item.

5. Check if the agenda sub-item should be marked as private.  If selected, the agenda sub-item will not display to the general public.

6. Check enable voting if the agenda sub-item will be an item that members of the group will be voting on.

7. Select any files that may need to accompany the agenda sub-item

8. Select <Add New Sub-Item> to add the sub-item to the agenda.

9. Continue adding additional sub-items as applicable.



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