How to create a Group

Account Administrators, Group Administrators and Managers can create groups.

1. To create a group, select the Group Management tab.

2. Select the <New Group> button to create a new group.

3. Enter the name of the group (required) and description (optional).  A list of all members associated with the account will display.

4. Select members from the account for inclusion into the newly created group.

When adding members from the account into a new group, roles can be assigned to each member.  An overview of the roles can be found below as well as on the right side of the “New Group” page.




Can do anything within an assigned group, except delete it.


Allowed to help manage meetings and agenda for the group, but cannot create groups.


View only access to meetings and agendas for the group.


Allowed to vote (if enabled for meeting) for the group.

Vote Taker

Can take votes (if enabled for meeting) for the group.  Use if one user is to take votes for everyone else instead of allowing each member.

Minute Taker

Can take minutes in the meeting.

Attendance Taker

Can take attendance in the meeting.

5. Check the Allow Suggestions box if you want to provide non-administrative members the ability to suggest agenda items.

6. Once the group name, group members and allow suggestions have been reviewed, select the <Save> button to create the group.

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