How to add a new agenda

An agenda can be created, directly after a meeting is created. Upon successfully adding a new meeting, the “Create Agenda” page will appear.

1. The ‘Name’ is the only required field when creating a new Agenda.

2. Select <Add Agenda> once information has been entered to create the new agenda.

  • Show Minutes- if this is marked, any minutes that are entered by the Minute Taker of the meeting will be visible to those with access to the Agenda. It is recommended to check the Show Minutes box after minutes have been edited and are ready to be published.
  • Private- if this is marked, the Agenda will only be visible to those with edit permissions. It is recommended to mark the agenda as private as the agenda is being created.
  • Make Agenda public- the creator of the Agenda can select a time for the private agenda to be visible to the public. Selections include:  24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours prior to the meeting time.


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