How to approve suggested items

Administrative users have the ability to approve items/sub items that are suggested by members for inclusion on agendas.  Any suggested items will appear on the Notifications area on the Dashboard.

1. From the Dashboard, an Action Required message will display within the notification area if an item is awaiting review. 

2. Clicking <Suggested Item> will display an overview of who suggested the item, the meeting and agenda name on the display panel on the right side of the Dashboard.

3. Clicking <Agenda> will open the Meeting View page displaying the agenda.The suggested item will be the last item listed on the agenda.

4. Select the suggested item, this will open the item, select the <Edit Mode> button.

5. The administrator can review the suggested item and elect to Accept or Reject the item. If the item is accepted, it will be automatically as the last item on the agenda.  If the item is rejected it will be removed from the agenda.

6. A notification will display in the notification area of the member who suggested the item advising the status.

Member Notification Area

7. The notification on the administrator’s notification area will be updated reflecting a resolved status.


Administrator Notification Area



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