How to take attendance

Note: Only the attendance taker will be able to take attendance. The role of attendance taker is assigned within the Group Management tab. From the Group Management tab, select the group and then check the ‘Attendance Taker’ checkbox for the member you want to assign as Attendance Taker.


  1. To take attendance for an agenda, first navigate to the appropriate meeting and select the agenda title to select the agenda.

  2. On the “Agenda” screen, select the <√> button.

  3. Clicking the <√> button will display the list of members for a roll call attendance. Each member has a Present or Absent radio button beside their name. 

  4. To mark attendance, each radio button can be selected individually. However, the most efficient way is to use the Select All link above the radio buttons. If most members are present, click “Select All” above the “Present” radios and then click the individual “Absent” radios for those members who are absent.

  5. Once all members have been accounted for, select the <Take Roll Call> button

  6. The list will update to show either “Depart” or “Join” beside each member’s name. The attendance taker now has the option to indicate if a member “Joins” or “Departs” in the middle of the meeting.|

  7.  There is also a textbox for free-form entry of any other names that are not members of the group but are present at the meeting. 

  8. If any other meeting attendees join, but are not on the members list, those names can be recorded in the textbox. After entering the names, click the <Record Open Attendance> button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If attendance is not taken in real-time (during the meeting), it may not be helpful to use the “Depart” and “Join” buttons, as this will list an incorrect time that the member joined or left.

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