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Welcome new employee. 

In this article you will find several links to help you.  If there are any other related questions, please contact us via email at: or call 717-732-8403 option 1.

You have received a new laptop:  What should you expect?  Each laptop from the Technology department will include a charger, a mouse and bag to keep it protected during travel.  One nuance of the newer L440 model laptops is the right click is the lower right portion of the touch pad.

Corporate email.  You can access your emails outside the office by following this link.  -

Your H: drive or Home directory:  All of your business related documents can be saved directly to your H: drive. Why you ask?  The H: drive resides on our data server that are backed up regularly.  This means your data is safe even when your computer stops running, and also prevents other security related issues. Note you can access your home directory outside the office as well.  Follow this link for instructions.


 VPN.  What is it and when should I use it.  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  What this means is you can connect to the CAIU private network just as if you are sitting at your desk anywhere else in the world.  There are many uses for it, such as accessing your data you saved on a shared network drive, bypassing particular building content filtering.  For instance some locations block YouTube, which is used for educational videos. You can log in via the VPN and bypass the content filtering.  This will allow you to bypass the content filtering of your facility and use corporate wide content filtering. This for example, allows YouTube and LogMeIn to work.  LogMeIn is the help desk tool that allows users to log in remotely to your computer for repairs or problems.

VPN Access -

If you do not have the VPN client installed follow this link to install.


FAQ/Help Center - Please visit for frequently asked questions and technology help articles. 


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