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Did you know that all your business related documents can be stored on your H: drive?  

 All CAIU users have access to a remote home directory located on our in-house servers.  

 What does this mean to you?  Well, for starters, if your business related documents and files are stored on this H: drive they will automatically be backed-up daily.  This means all your data will remain safe even if something should happen to your personal computer. 

 Working from home?  This home directory is still available to you as long as you are connected to the internet.  You can log into the servers from home with a VPN client by following these directions.

 If your computer did not have the required software, you can follow this link to install it.

 Brief example: John Doe has a PowerPoint presentation he prepared for a meeting to take place the next day.  John saves said presentation to his home directory. The next day John is sick and unable to make the presentation, but remembers the file is on the server.  So he logs on his computer and is able to retrieve the file.  He is then able to email it to another colleague that was prepared for such an event.  Crisis avoided and things move along as scheduled.


Hopefully this short article will come in handy the next time you are trying to work outside your office, wherever that may be.

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