CAIU Message Archiver

Click on the following link below to go to the CAIU Message Archiver:


Enter the same username and password you use to access your computer or e-mail


You will see a basic search box that can be used to search archived messages.  If you would like to enter specific parameters for your search, click on "Advanced"

The advanced search will allow you to narrow down your search.  Just click on the drop-down menus to select a parameter.

Once you find the e-mail you are looking for you can click on the e-mail to highlight it.  Afterwards you can click "Resend to Me" to send a copy to your inbox.


You can also double-click on the message to open it in a new window.  From there you can read the message or download it if you would like to save it.



If you need any assistance using the CAIU Message Archiver, please give the Help Desk a call at 717-732-8403, option 1

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