Advancing a student's grade level.

See attached PDF for step by step directions with screenshots. 

Advance a Student’s Grade Level

This tipsheet will help make controlling your student’s grade level quick and easy.


  1.  Login to your Genius account and click on the ‘Students’ tab. One the left click on ‘Bulk Transcripts’.
  2. You then need to search for specific students. If you wish for all your students to show just select your affiliation. Once you have made your selection click ‘Get Data’.
  3. A list of the students meeting your criteria will then populate. Check the students you wish to advance a grade level or check the ‘Check All’ box to select all your students.
  4. Once you have selected the students you want to advance a grade level scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on ‘Advance Grade Level’.
  5. The page will reload. Don’t worry if the grades don’t change, please click on a student you advanced to see if their grade changed in their dashboard before attempting again as this will advance the grade level again. For example student test test was in grade 6 but is now in grade 7 even though when I reloaded the page it still said 
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