Bulk enrollments

How to do a Bulk Enrollment

Enroll multiple students in the same course at one time.

1. Login into your Genius account and click on the ‘Students’ tab. On the left find ‘Bulk Enroll’ and click on it.

2. Fill in your search criteria and then click ‘Get Data’.

3. From the list that is populated either click ‘Check All” to select all the students on the list or check off only the some individuals.

4. Once you have selected the students you want to enroll, scroll to the bottom of the page and clik on ‘Bulk Enroll’.

5. Fill in the information in the popup screen that appears as you normally would with a single student enrollment. Then click ‘Enroll’.

6. If the enrollment was completed successfully you should see a box telling you all the students were enrolled.

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