How to add student to advisor's account

1. Log into the appropriate Accelerate LMS as yourself.

Accelerate-Ed:IU13 is Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit (Lancaster and Lebanon Counties)

Accelerate-Ed:IU15 is for Capital Area Intermediate Unit (ours)

Accelerate-Ed:IU17 is Bradford Lycoming Sullivan Tioga Intermediate Unit (BLaST)

Accelerate-Ed:IU19 is Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit (NOLA)

Accelerate-Ed:IU21 is Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit

Accelerate-Ed:IU12 is  Lincoln Intermediate Unit

Accelerate-Ed:IU18 is Luzerne Intermediate Unit

2. Click on "Administration" at the top and then click "Find a User". 

3. Type in the student's name (First or last is fine) and it should pull up a user(s). 

4. Copy the user ID to the left of the name.

5. Click on "Administration" again and once again click on "Find a User"

6. Type in a part of the advisor's name. 

7. Double-click on the correct advisor.

8. Click on the "Observed Users" tab.

9. Click on "Add Observed User" at the bottom of the page.

10. Paste the student's user ID in the box and click OK.

11. The student should now appear in the advisor's list of observed users.



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