Setting up a student account


Step 1. Open Active Directory and navigate to the school of your choice. 


Step 2. Copy an existing student account to make setup easier later (To copy right click on a student and select copy)

Step 3. Enter students First, Last and Username. (The username is the students first Initial, last name and birth year. Example Test Testerson was "born" in 2018 so his username is ttesterson2018)


Step 4. Create the students password. The students password is their IREADY user ID. ( make sure user cannot change password and password never expires are checked)


Step 5. Double click on the created student and add the email


Step 5. Open google admin and navigate to the school of your choices students category.


Step 6. Enter the students First name, last name and user name. ( everything will be the same as when you created it in AD except it will be instead of like in Active Directory)


Step 7. Set the students password by clicking set password. This is the students IREADY ID. Please make sure to uncheck require user to change password at next sign in or the student will be able to change their password and press create. 


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