How To Connect to the FortiClient VPN

This document has instructions on how to connect to VPN with the FortiClient application.  VPN allows you to access the CAIU network drives, printers, as well as our content filtering rules.

  1. Click START at the bottom left of your screen and type in Forticlient.  Click on the Forticlient icon.

2. Click Remote Access on the left side of the Forticlient


3. Select CAIU from the VPN Name drop down.  Enter your IU username and password and click Connect.

4. You are now connected to VPN.



Quick Tip:  Once you configure VPN in the Forticlient, you can check the Save Password checkbox.  You can then do a quick connect by right clicking on FortiClient icon in the system tray (bottom right of your screen) and selecting "Connect to CAIU".






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