Hide Text in Microsoft Word

Part 1: How to hide text in Word 2016

Step 1: Open your Word document.

Step 2: Select to highlight the target text you want to hide. Then right click it and select Font.

Right-click and select Font

Step 3: In the Font dialog, in the Effects section tick the checkbox next to Hidden, and then click OK.

Check Hidden box

Step 4: Then you can see your selected text is disappeared from the Word 2016 document. The text is not deleted, but instead just hidden. Then press Ctrl + S to save the document.


Part 2: Show hidden text in Word 2016

Step 1: Press Ctrl + A to select and highlight all text. Then right click on any text and select Font.

Click Font

Step 2: In the Font dialog, in the Effects section click in the box next to Hidden twice to remove the checkmark, then click OK. Then you can see the hidden text is displayed and visible.

Uncheck Hidden box

Keyboard shortcut - You can also do this by selecting all text (CTRL + A) and then clicking CTRL +SHIFT + H 


Part 3: Print hidden text in Word 2016

When you print a Word 2016 document that contains hidden content, you can choose whether or not to print out the hidden content.

Step 1: Click File -> Options.

Step 2: In the Word Options dialog, select Display, and then navigate to the Printing options section. To print out the hidden content, check Print hidden text and click OK. In order not to print out the hidden content, uncheck Print hidden text and click OK.

Check Print hidden text


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