How to Re-Activate Duxbury DBT 11.3

This document covers how to re-activate Duxbury DBT 11.3 if it loses activation.  You will see the message below if your activation has been lost.


  1. Call Duxbury Support 1-978-692-3000 and press for Activation Support. 
  2. Explain to them the error code above and that you need to re-activate DBT.
  3. Provide them with the following license text - DBT H9131-06373042
  4. They will prompt you to uninstall and re-install DBT


Uninstalling DBT

  1. Left-click the Windows start button at the bottom of the screen and type DBT
  2. Right-click the DBT 11.3 Desktop App and click "Uninstall" DBT_Uninstall.png
  3. This will take you to the Programs and Features menu.  In that menu, Left-click DBT 11.3 and select Uninstall above it (Click Yes if any additional prompts come up.).  DBT will be uninstalled.

Re-Installing DBT 11.3


  • Double click the DBT 11.3 ISO icon on your desktop.  An explorer window will pop up.
  • dbt.png
  • Double-click the dbt-1103 Windows Installer file
  • install1.PNG
  • Click I accept the terms and then click Next.
  • install3.PNG
  • Click Next
  • install2.PNG
  • Enter the following license text DBT H9131-06373042 and click Next.
  • install4.PNG
  • Select Complete and click Next
  • install5.PNG
  • Click Install
  • install6.PNG
  • Click Finish to launch DBT 11.3
  • install7.PNG


Activating DBT 11.3

  • Once DBT 11.3 is launched you will need to activate it.  First click Activate.
  • install8.PNG
  • Click Next
  • install9.PNG
  • Click Activate this computer and then Click Next (Note:  If a Windows admin prompt pops up, click Yes)
  • install10.PNG
  • Click Start a new activation over the Internet and then click Next.
  • install11.PNG
  • Click Next.
  • install13.PNG
  • If everything is good with your activation you will see a SUCCESS! message.  Click Finish and you can now use DBT 11.3
  • install14.PNG


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