Change your Computer Password


Changing your computer password may also change the password credentials for other services such as outlook login, Caiu employee site, CAIU-Secure WiFi, and possibly others. Be aware that if you are unable to log into a service after changing your password using your old one, try to use the credentials you have changed it to. It is highly recommended that you change your password for security reasons.

If you have issues call the help desk at 717.732.8403, option 1.


1. Hit and hold control(often labeled Ctrl), Alt, and Delete all at the same time.

2. Click 'Change a password'

3. Where is says old password input what your password currently is.

4. In the new password input what you would like it to be changed to. You have to input this twice exactly the same say in both 'new password' boxes.

5. It is automatically done as soon as you hit enter. 

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