Zoom Conference setup

Joining a Meeting:

  1. Select "Join"mceclip0.png
  2. Enter Meeting ID and Password  

Starting a Meeting:

  1. Select "Presentation "
  2. Select "Desktop" 
  3. Select "Start Meeting" in the upper right corner.mceclip1.png 

Sharing your Screen:

  1. Select "Presentation"
  2. Select "Desktop"
    1. For Zoom App: Select share screen, Enter Sharing Key.
    2. For Browser: Go to enter the meeting ID provided.mceclip2.png
  3.  Select "Start Meeting"

Adjusting Camera Controls and Volume: 

  1. After Starting or Joining the Meeting A screen like this should appear: mceclip3.png
  2. Camera Controls
    1. There are two camera controls 
      1. Switch cameras 
      2. Camera controls, You're able to set presets and freely able to move the camera. mceclip0.png
  3. Change views is different way to present your screen mceclip4.png
  4. Volume
    1. There is a Volume Bar in the Lower Right Hand Corner. 
    2. To Increase the Volume move to the Right
    3. to Lower the Volume, Move to the Leftmceclip5.png


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