Jabber Functions

Making outgoing calls in Jabber
To make an outgoing phone call using Jabber, simply enter the phone number or name of the person you are trying to reach in the search bar located in the top of the main window. When you have it entered, press the green phone icon.  Remember, if you're dialing an outside line, you must start with # or #1 for long distance.

Transferring a Call

To transfer someone you are currently speaking with to another person, click the "More" icon on the bottom of the call screen.  This will bring up the menu of call functions. 
Click transfer and you will be prompted to enter a name or number.   Once you have the name or number of the person you want to transfer the call to, press the green phone icon.

Putting a caller on Hold

To put the person you're currently speaking with on hold, click the "More" icon to bring up the call options and select Hold.  You will then be able to return to the call again by pressing the button to take them off of hold.

Conference Calls

To create a conference call, select the"More" icon to bring up the call options.  From there select Conference.  Your screen layout will change and you will see call participants on the right side.  To bring more people into the call, simply enter the name or number of the person you want to add in to the search bar in the top right and click the green phone icon to add them.

Forward Phone Calls

To forward any calls received to a different line or voice mail, click the small computer icon in the lower left of the main screen.
This will prompt a small menu for you to choose to not forward calls, forward to voice mail to be retrieved later or to a different number, such as a cell phone.  If you would like to forward your calls to a different phone number, select that option and it will prompt you for the number where you want the calls to be received.
If you currently have your calls being forwarded to voice mail or a different number, you may end that by selecting Do Not Forward.
Checking Missed Calls
Within Jabber you can see any recent calls that have been received, or missed.  Select the "Recent" tab on the left side of the main screen.
The right side of the screen will now show any recent calls.  You can use the drop down menus above the call list to adjust the time range to be displayed, or type of call, such as received or missed.
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