Installing Smart Notebook Software

  1. Go to the following link to begin the download of Smart Notebook:

  2. Click Download, and if prompted with another screen after, click download anywaydownload.pngdownload_anyway.png

  3. Once the download is complete, click the button for it in the bottom left cornerdownloaded.png

  4. You will then click the "Extract All" button in the window that pops upextract.png

  5. Once the files have been extracted to their own folder, you'll then open the Smart installer folderfirst_folder.png

  6. Navigate to the bottom of the file list in the folder and right click the file named "smartesi2913decusbv2" and select "Run as administrator"run_as_admin.png

  7. This will start the installation program.  Click Next until prompted to look for updates.  Uncheck that box and click next.

  8. Click next until prompted to choose which products to install.  You will select Smart Notebook and Smart Product Drivers and click next after.

  9. When prompted for take part in the "Customer Experience" uncheck the box and click next

  10. When prompted for Gallery Collections to install, they will all be checked, this is fine, click next.

  11. When prompted for languages to install, if you do need any aside from English, you may select them from the list on the left, otherwise, just click next.

  12. After clicking next the installation will begin.  It will take a little while because it must download all the images for the gallery so don't be alarmed if it takes more than a few minutes.  Once completed, you will want to check the box that says "Activate My Products Now" and click finish.

  13. On the next screen it will ask you for a product key.   This key can be found in the same folder as the smart install, also near the bottom of the file list.

  14. After the product key has been entered, select "Add" and click Next

  15. Last but not least, click finish on the next page and the installation is complete!

  16. If prompted with the "Smart Product Update"  You may just exit out, updates aren't required.

    If you have any questions of problems, please feel free to reach out to the Help Desk at or 717-732-8403 opt. 1
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