FIX - Wifi Blocked By Administrator

Issue:  You are receiving the error “Your Network Administrator Has Blocked You From Connecting To This Network” when trying to connect to a home wireless network.


Resolution:  The steps below will guide you through clearing this policy manually.

Step 1:  At the logon screen, click Other User (located at the bottom left of the screen) and log in with the following account on your laptop

Username:  Teacher

Password:  Te@cher1!


Step 2: Click on the start button at the bottom left of your screen mceclip2.png 

Step 3: Type Regedit and click on Registry Editor


Step 4: Click YES to the prompt that displays.


Step 5:  Left-click on arrow to the left of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.  This will expand the selection.


Step 6: Click on the arrow to the left of SOFTWARE.  This will expand the selection.


Step 7:  Scroll down until you see Policies and left lick the arrow to expand the selection.


Step 7:  Right-Click on the Microsoft folder and then left-click Delete


Step 8:  Left-click YES on the confirm delete key prompt


NOTE:  If you get the following prompt, click OK


Step 9:  Restart your computer.

Step 10:  Click Other User at the bottom left of your screen, and sign in with your student account username and password.


You should now be able to log into your account and connect to your home wireless network.


If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact the CAIU Help Desk at 717-732-8403, option 1.

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