Xerox - Copier Touchscreen Info

The control panel consists of a touch screen and buttons you press to control the functions available
on the printer. The control panel:
• Displays the current operating status of the printer.
• Provides access to print, copy, and scan features.
• Provides access to reference materials.
• Provides access to Tools and Setup menus.
• Prompts you to load paper, replace supplies, and clear jams.
• Displays errors and warnings.
• Provides the Power/Wake button used for powering on or off the printer. This button also supports
the power-saver modes, and blinks to indicate the power status of the printer.


Displayed above is the control panel for the Xerox Copier.

Item Name Description
1. NFC Area Near Field Communication (NFC), is a technology that enables
devices to communicate when they are within 10 cm (4 in.) of
each other. Use the NFC area to obtain a network interface or to
establish a TCP/IP connection between your device and the
2. Touch Screen Display The screen displays information and provides access to printer
3. Home Button This button provides access to the Home menu for access to
printer features, such as copy, scan, and fax.
4. Power/Wake This button serves several power-related functions.
• When the printer is powered off, this button powers on the
• When the printer is powered on, pressing this button displays a
menu on the control panel. From this menu, you can choose to
enter Sleep mode, restart, or power off the printer.
• When the printer is powered on, but in Sleep mode, pressing
this button wakes the printer.
• When the printer is powered on, holding this button for 10
seconds turns off the printer.
This button blinks to indicate the power status of the printer.
• When the light blinks slowly, the printer is in Sleep mode.
• When the light blinks rapidly, the printer is powering down.
5. Status LED

This light blinks blue or amber to indicate printer status.
• Blinks blue once to acknowledge a successful Authentication

• Blinks blue once slowly for a copy or print job initiated at the
control panel.
• Blinks blue twice slowly for fax or print job received from the
• Blinks blue rapidly while the printer is powering up, or to signal
detection of a Wi-Fi Direct connection request.
• Blinks amber to indicate an error condition or warning that
requires your attention. For example, an out-of-toner condition,
a paper jam, or out of paper for the current job.
• Blinks amber to indicate a system error, which typically is
associated with an error code.

6. Notification Area Notifications are displayed above the Apps area. To view the full
notification, touch the notification area. After you have reviewed
the information, touch X.
7. Interrupt Button This button pauses the current job to run a more urgent job.
8. Pause Button Use this button to pause the current job. The job pauses with the
option to resume printing or delete the job.
9. Language Button The Language button allows you to set the language that appears
temporarily on the control panel display.
10. Reset Use the Reset button to reset all the apps to their
default settings.
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