Xerox-Loading Paper


Pull out the tray until it stops.


Ensure that the paper-guide locks are set in the correct position for the standard or custom-size paper that you are loading.




Flex the sheets back and forth and fan them, then align the edges of the stack on a level surface. This procedure separates any sheets that are stuck together and reduces the possibility of jams. Note: To avoid jams and misfeeds, do not remove paper from its packaging until you are ready to use it.


Load paper in the tray. Position the paper against the left side of the tray. 


For long-edge feed, insert letterhead and pre-ed paper face down with the top edge toward the front of the tray. Load hole-punched paper with the holes to the left. 


For short-edge feed, insert letterhead and pre-printed paper face down with the top edge to the left. Load hole-punched paper with the holes toward the rear of the printer. Note: Do not load paper above the maximum fill line. Overfilling the tray can cause the printer to jam. 


Adjust the length and width guides until they touch the edges of the paper.


Close the tray.


At the control panel, if a prompt appears, select the correct paper size, type, and color. 

To select a new paper size, touch Size

To select a new paper type, touch Type. For letterhead paper, select Letterhead. For preprinted paper, select Pre-Printed. For hole-punched paper, select Hole Punched.

To select a new paper color, touch Color. Note: If a prompt does not appear, and you have changed the paper size, type, or color, update the Required Paper Policies.  

To confirm the settings, touch Confirm

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