Export Google Contacts & Import to iCloud

This article will show you how to export Google Contacts and then import them into iCloud for use on an iPhone or iPad.

All of these steps can be performed from a web browser.  You'll just need to log into your Google and Apple iCloud accounts.


Go to and click on Export on the left-hand side.


Select vCard (for iOS Contacts) and click Export.


The file will save in your Downloads folder in a .vcf file format.


Go to and log in with your Apple ID


Once your signed in, click Contacts from the list.


Click on the settings gear at the bottom left of the contacts page.


Click Import vCard.


Click on Downloads and click the contacts file you exported from Google Contacts.  Click Open to load the file.


Your contacts will now be in your iCloud account.  Please allow a few minutes your iPhone to sync with iCloud.  Check your iPhone and your imported contacts will now be there.

NOTE:  If your contacts are not showing, make sure you are signed into iCloud on your iPhone.


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