Xerox - Ink Change

A message appears on the control panel when a toner cartridge must be replaced.

The control panel will alert you when the toner supply is low and needs to be ordered, or is depleted.

To replace the toner cartridge:
1. Open the front door of the printer


2. To release the toner cartridge, rotate the orange toner cartridge locking lever counterclockwise.


3. Pull the toner cartridge straight out of the printer.


4. Remove the new toner cartridge from the packaging. Tilt the cartridge up and down, then left
and right 10 times.

5. Push the new toner cartridge into the printer slowly until it stops.


6. To lock the toner cartridge into place, rotate the orange toner cartridge locking lever clockwise.


7. Close the front door of the printer.


8. To confirm that you have replaced the toner cartridge, at the Replace Toner Cartridge (R1) screen,
touch Yes.

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