Xerox - Scanning to an Email Address

Scanning to an Email Address

You can scan a document and send the scanned file to an email address.

To scan an image and send it to an email address:
1. Load the original document on the document glass or into the automatic document feeder.

2. At the control panel, touch Home.

3. Touch Scan To.


4. Add recipients. To enter the email address manually, touch Email. Enter an email address, then touch AddNOTE:  If you just want to send the scan to yourself, touch the ME option.


5. To change the email subject line, touch Subject. Enter a new subject line using the touch
screen keypad, then touch Enter.

6. To change the email body message, touch Message. Enter a new message, then touch OK.

7. To begin the scan, touch Scan.


8. Check your E-mail to confirm the file was received. 

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