Xerox- Sending a fax

  1. Load your original documents.
  • For single pages or paper that cannot be fed using the duplex automatic document feeder, use the document glass. Lift the duplex automatic document feeder, then place the original document face down in the upper-left corner of the document glass.
  • For multiple, single, or 2-sided pages, use the duplex automatic document feeder. Remove any staples and paper clips from the pages. Insert the original documents face-up in the duplex automatic document feeder, with the top of the page entering the feeder first. Adjust the paper guides so that they fit against the original documents.  Note: When the original documents are detected, the automatic document feeder confirmation indicator LED illuminates.


  1. At the printer control panel, press the Home button. 


3.Touch Fax.



 4. Enter recipients:

  • If the entry screen appears, to enter a recipient, touch an option, or touch X. • To select a contact or group from the Device Address Book, touch the Device Address Book option. Touch Favorites or Contacts, then select a recipient.
  • To enter the fax number manually, touch Manual Entry.
  • In the Enter Fax Number field, enter the fax number, then touch Add. • To add more recipients, touch Add Recipient, then repeat the procedure. (NOTE - Enter # before the number to dial out & use 1 if the fax is long distance)
  • mceclip2.png
  • mceclip3.png


 5. Touch Send.




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