Edit Resource Scheduler Reservations

The following is a basic step by step of editing an existing reservation
Go to the Resource Scheduler website and sign in with your credentials.

Next along the left, fine the room your reservation is in, in this case, the Board Room2021-11-09_08_24_03-Schedule_for_CAIU__15____Summerdale_Group____Board_Room.png

Next you will find your reservation on the calendar

When you click the reservation a new window will pop up.  Navigate to +Add Services

Select the type of service / equipment needed

Select the equipment you'll need from the menu by entering the number needed
After you've made your selection, choose Finished and it will update your reservation.  If it prompts for a billing email, if you're the meeting organizer you will enter your email address.

If you have any problems, please reach out to the Help Desk via email or telephone.

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